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Skillroads professional writers will do all the time-consuming and tedious job instead. They know all requirements and rules of resume writing. It can facilitate the job searching process and significantly increase chances to get recruited

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Nowadays job market is highly competitive so it is not so easy to get a job. Candidates are trying to do all their best in order to get invited for an interview.

In order to receive the desired invitation it is paramount to prepare a job application documents.

Some job seekers have no idea how to create a professional resume/CV or an appropriate cover letter.

In fact, it is not so easy to organize relevant information, create appropriate sections and emphasize on professional skills and knowledge that are appreciated for the exact job.

Here are some statistics that will help you understand the importance of resume writing service. The job market is very competitive nowadays.

 It’s overflowing with highly skilled and experienced candidates so it’s not so easy to stand out among them.

  • For an average job opening in a typical medium-large company recruiter gets 100-200 resumes.
  • They are filtered to a small group of 25 within a minute.
  • 25 resumes get trimmed down to 5-10.
  • Applicants get thoroughly reviewed and assessed.
  • After this screening process there is a group of 3-5 final candidates. And only one person gets a job.

Such resume writing service as Skillroads can easily facilitate this process and increase candidate’s chances to get selected for an interview and get recruited.

So here are some more details why should people opt for resume writing service.

Expert approach

In order to easily get recruited Resume Writing Service is a perfect solution. Customers don’t have to waste their time anymore. Skillroads professional writers will do all the time-consuming and tedious job instead. They know all requirements and rules of resume writing. It can facilitate the job searching process and significantly increase chances to get recruited.

Professional design and wording

Some job seekers use weak or inappropriate wording and confusing resume template. Even if a candidate is competitive and experienced, a  resume like this will be thrown into a trash. Resume writers will use

strong professional wording that will definitely catch recruiter’s eyes and organize all the information into a professional layout and appropriate resume sections, so recruiter can easily navigate it.

Overcome the ATS

Exert writers can create an outstanding resume able to beat Application Tracking System. As we all know, almost all recruiters use ATS to screen potential candidates before even to look at their resumes. It is not so easy to pass this screening stage. Resume writers can create a resume that contain keywords needed to pass the ATS with an appropriate structure and resume sections order.

As a result, a customer will get an outstanding resume tailored for specific career needs and  expectations. Chances to get invited for an interview are really high now.

Additional services

Moreover, Skillroads is not all about resume writing. In addition,  customers can savor other professional services aimed for their career success. These include cover letter writing, CV/resume editing, resume

customized creative design, LinkedIn profile editing. There is also a wide range of free services that include our Resume Builder and Smart  Resume Checker powered by AI, so our customers can create a resume within minutes and check their old one for common resume mistakes. On our website they can find a list of top job offers in their preferred career field.

Price List

  • Start price
    89,00 $

    Resume Writing

  • Start price
    149,00 $

    CV + Cover Letter

  • Start price
    139,00 $

    Resume + Cover Letter

  • Start price
    99,00 $

    CV Writing

  • Start price
    69,00 $

    Resume Editing

  • Start price
    59,00 $

    Cover Letter Writing

  • Start price
    25,00 $

    Custom Resume Design

  • Start price
    129,00 $

    Resume Writing + Design

  • Start price
    109,00 $

    Resume Editing + Design

  • Start price
    79,00 $

    Linkedin profile editing

  • Start price
    179,00 $

    Resume Writing + Linkedin

  • Start price
    149,00 $

    Resume Editing + Linkedin

  • Start price
    219,00 $

    Resume Writing + Linkedin + Cover Letter

  • Start price
    149,00 $

    СV Editing + Cover Letter

  • Start price
    219,00 $

    CV Writing + Linkedin + Cover Letter

  • Start price
    239,00 $

    All inclusive job application package

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