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So You’ve Been Asked to Write An Essay About Writing?

  1. AlexPS
  2. Q&A
  3. Monday, 24 September 2018
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The first thing to remember is: don’t panic. It might be scary that you’ve been assigned to write something about a topic you’re not confident on to begin with, but first try and relax.

No one said you had to write an essay about how easy writing is. And with good reason – not even professional writers think that writing is easy.

I doubt there is a single essay about writing that exists that says that writing is painless; every writer knows that it’s actually very hard work. But this work doesn’t have to be stressful if you can organize yourself properly.

Perhaps you could start your essay about writing by addressing what you don’t like about writing. What are your anxieties? Or perhaps you enjoy writing.

Tell your reader why. Everyone writes for a reason, and these reasons differ from person to person. Do you have something you want to say to the world, or do you have a hard time caring about what you write?

Do you only write when given specific assignments, or do you take the initiative to write about topics of your choosing? Offer your audience a unique glimpse into the way you see the world by showing them your unique perspective on writing.

What elements of writing are you good at? Perhaps you have no problem coming up with ideas, but you have a hard time narrowing them down into topics, or structuring your argument so that it makes sense.

Or maybe you’re great at revision, but you have a hard time with the initial creative stage of writing. The beauty of being assigned an essay about writing is that you can discuss the writing process as you are going through it yourself.

It’s pretty much like getting to keep your book open for a test—you have all the information you need right there, you just need to write it.

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